About the Foundation

The Helsinki Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation established for the purpose of either directly or indirectly promoting the long-term conservation of nature.

Land depletion is a common concern for many global citizens, but individually we lack the resources to make a large-scale impact.

The Helsinki Foundation was established after growing concerns about the ever-increasing footprint of man upon the world.

Recognizing the need for a collective approach and long-term land conservation measures, the Foundation’s members created the Greenspace Guardian program. This program makes it easy for people to do the right thing, by buying the land and splitting it up into small pieces for anyone to create their own individual nature reserve.

This allows people to contribute and gives them an actual connection to a unique physical piece of land. As the land will be there forever, it allows people to express to others (now and in the future) that they cared and wanted to make a difference, even if they didn't have millions to spend. The funds raised then go towards the next land purchase.

The work we do would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and volunteers. Thank you.

Our Mission

We believe that the best way to preserve nature for future generations is to acquire as much land as possible and leave it in its natural state. The Foundation’s mission is long-term, spanning into centuries of conservation.

The Helsinki Foundation is a paradigm shift in thinking about conservation – tapping collective responsibility, but not with taxpayer monies. The Foundation’s Greenspace Guardian program is a vehicle that enables concerned global citizens to take action towards a common goal and legally bind land for conservation. It is a crowdfunding approach that is relevant to people of the digital age.

Under the Helsinki Foundation’s Greenspace Guardian program, the Foundation acquires ecologically significant nature areas from all over the world with donations received from individuals and corporations. The acquired land is divided into virtual Greenspaces. Donors become the Guardian of their chosen Greenspace, allowing them to name it on an interactive map. It is also possible to name a friend as a Guardian. Every Guardian maintains effective control over the land, with a right to veto proposed land use changes. Compared to other conservation methods, this gives each Guardian more influence over the area’s future.

Each Guardian receives the exact coordinates of their Greenspace, so that they can visit the land if they desire. The Foundation maintains a virtual map of all spaces so buyers can choose their site intentionally.

Why is the Foundation needed?

A government can do wonders with taxpayers’ money – and likewise, one billionaire can do a lot if she chooses to do so.

By joining forces, many individuals can achieve the same and more.

The Foundation is a vehicle to enable that to happen, and to legally bind the land for conservation.

We all know that the earth's resources are being rapidly diminished. Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. An estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest, roughly the size of Panama, are lost each year, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation.

It's very hard for any individual to make a difference, and it's very hard for even governments and wealthy individuals to think about long-term (centuries) conservation. By merging the resources of the collective public, The Foundation aims to make that long-term impact.


Helsinki Foundation has been active for 7 years. We are proud to say that during this time, we directed 95% of funds raised through our Greenspace Guardianship program and other donations to land conservation. That is possible since we have run the foundation mainly on a volunteer basis and covered only the costs that are not suitable for volunteers with the 5%.

In short years 2016-2021

Greenspace Guardian proceeds: 88 990,47€
Other proceeds: 23 182,86€
Total income: 112 173,33€
Land purchased: 106 585,82€

However, as we are growing the workload is increasing, and the administration requires more resources and economical input. Nature conservation remains our main goal, and we will always use a minimum of 85% of raised funds towards purchasing and protecting land. The rest will go to administration (5%) and fundraising (10%) - both are needed to have good governance and sustainable growth. Since purchasing land is not feasible every year, the division of use of funds may differ from year to year.