We are a global initiative with the mission of involving as many people as possible in land conservation.

Our team

Who we are

Our expertise, values, and beliefs


Non-profit charitable foundation

We buy land around the world for conservation and act as the vehicle for ordinary individuals to affordably and directly participate in conservation.


We won't sell the land we buy...ever!

We believe that the best way to preserve nature for future generations is to acquire as much land as possible and leave it in its natural state. The Foundation's mission is long-term, spanning into centuries of conservation.


Conservation areas get three levels of protection

Private land ownership is the first level. The second level is getting the protection of the law in that we get the areas marked as private nature reserves. The third level is our Guardianship program.


Your vote, you decide

As a Greenspace Guardian, you will also receive a veto right so that you can be responsible for deciding what happens to the land.

Why does it matter?

Take part in land conservation

Since you entered this website:

The area of 0 football pitches has been deforested in our world.

As an individual, you can help.


More than 1200 people (and organizations) have directly participated in land conservation through the Helsinki Foundation.


We have permanently protected 194 hectares of land in 3 countries. The next project is under way to add to this number.


No-one gets paid at the Helsinki Foundation. All the funds apart from the essentials go towards land conservation.

How can you help?

Buy a Greenspace.

Your money will be used to buy the next conservation area.

Choose a Greenspace from our conservation areas in Finland, Australia, and Estonia. Pay. You are now the Guardian of that Greenspace. You can keep it forever or give it as a gift.


We acquire land for conservation

Helsinki Foundation buys a piece of land using previously raised funds


You can select and acquire your Greenspace

We subdivide the land into virtual Greenspaces and make it available as a project on this website


You're now part of the land conservation movement!

You can choose, buy or gift a friend a Greenspace


Your green land

Buying a Greenspace gives you a personal, physical, and digital conservation area.
You can also visit the place you conserved.

Reverse crowdfunding

The money raised from Greenspaces will be used by the Foundation to fund the purchase of the next conservation area.

Your vote, you decide

You will also receive a veto right so that you can be responsible for deciding what happens to the land.

You're in good hands

Testimonials from other Guardians

I love that you get the co-ordinates of what you are helping conserve! You can actually go and see what plants and animals you are helping to conserve look like.

Saved us a lot of time in buying unique and valuable presents for our loved ones.

We expected throw away gifts and tacky toys for his first Christmas, not something that was his forever.