How Gifting works

We think a Greenspace makes a perfect gift for the person who has everything.
It's personalized, it will last for ever and won't clutter up their house.

Give a Greenspace in four easy steps.

Pick a Greenspace from the map and add it to your cart.

Once it's yours, you can gift it immediately, or at any time in the future.

This Greenspace is then able to be claimed by anyone with the gift code.

You can enter their name and email address here so you can keep track. We don't show them on the website.

You can enter a little message for them here.

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The Greenspace will then appear as a gift publicly.

Gifting appearance 576c4ad286d76640a804f90ee84d6a56e8bb98d23ed677324c6e6e61cee37fdd


Note that if you select "Private", then your name and message will not appear until they claim the gift.

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We will email you a direct link to the Greenspace and the gift code.
You can pass it on to the recipient at any time.

We never contact them.

For example:

Direct link:

Gift code: runonudi

The recipient can register and claim their gift.

They can then personalize their Greenspace.

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The recipient can register and claim their gift.

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