Tarandus Mire

Arctic Circle, Finland

66 hectares


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Greenspace 3620
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39 m² / 415 ft²
67°16'7.465"N 27°11'17.711"E   

About the area

Tarandus Mire is a hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, where there are more reindeer than people.

This area is mostly peat forest. Peat is an amazing organic substance that can store more than 10 times as much carbon as forests. Peat areas are under threat - the peat is cut for fuel, and peat forests are often drained for forestry to increase wood production. Both of these are damaging in several ways.

More than half of Finland's natural peat forest has been destroyed for fuel and wood production.

We've been learning more about peat and we are very pleased to be conserving this area, both for the still-pristine areas and to help restore the damaged parts.

To learn more, we recommend this episode of the wonderful podcast, 99% Invisible, or at least watch Alec Baldwin talking about peatlands for the UN below (less than a minute).